Episode 16 - How Softball Changed My Life

This week we have Vina Mohabir, one of our favs, come on to talk about her diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia. We discuss expectations of parents on their kids with chronic illnesses, how trauma can be resolved with psychological measures, and how experiences in a field can turn into a full time enjoyable job.

Episode 15 - The Option Map

Dr. Karine Toupin April - a scientist in Ottawa - and Laurie Proulx - her lead patient partner - talk about their stories in regards to Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Asthma. They talk about their struggles in the rheumatology world and how their research project can change the lives of youth and adults diagnosed with arthritis. They also discuss the importance of options and complimentary therapy.

Episode 23 - Transition-Q

Dr. Michelle Batthish, a pediatric rheumatologist at McMaster Children's Hospital, comes on our weekly podcast Take a Pain Check to engage in the very important topic of transition care. We discuss how teenagers at the stage of transition have so much going on in their lives and an app that was implemented in her hospital that has helped with transition. We end off by talking about the many initiatives Dr. Batthish is involved in and how important the patient voice is when it come to research.

Episode 20 - The Future Of Work

To end off season 2, we have Dr. Arif Jetha talk to us about vulnerable people in the workplace. His research has shown several findings when it comes to youth and young adults being hesitant to pick the right job for them due to workplace accommodations. We also give our perspective on which jobs we love and are scared to enter!

Episode 27 - UCAN CAN-DU

This week on Take a Pain Check, your host Natasha gets the chance to talk to pediatric rheumatologist Dr. Joost Swart from the Netherlands. They discuss Take a Pain Check's amazing sponsor for the summer, UCAN CAN-DU, the collaboration between Canada and the Netherlands as well as healthcare similarities and differences. The conversation also includes the inside details of what ideal health is, the future of technology and comfortable discussions with patients.

Episode 25 - Karmatology

We had the honor to talk to Dr. Monica Shah - one of the few South Asian rheumatologists on television - this week on Take a Pain Check. We start the discussion off by learning about her passion for rheumatology. We also dive into how it feels to be Ms. India Florida. Additionally, the part everyone has been waiting for, we talk about life as an actress on the reality TV show Bravo’s Family Karma.

Episode 43- Rae of Sunshine

Dr. Rae Yeung started off her education journey dreaming to be pilot or an astronaut. But she realized quickly, that she had a passion for medicine, children, and rheumatology. The conversation on this week’s podcast episode starts off with a timeline of Dr. Yeung’s journey on becoming a pediatric rheumatologist and a researcher. Dr. Yeung talks about her primary research interest - precision medicine and specifically how this will be able to treat patients on an individualized level based on genes. Furthermore, she clarifies the availability of genetic testing (clinical vs research) for patients. Natasha and Dr. Yeung provide their perspectives on COVID-19 specifically: in person versus virtual visits, the effects and shortages of medications used for both COVID-19 and arthritis, the effectiveness and fears of being on immunosuppressive drugs, and finally the similarities and difference with your immune system with COVID vs arthritis. The discussion progresses into talking about Kawasaki disease, and it’s symptoms that may in fact be COVID-19 related. Lastly, the episode ends off with Dr. Yeung expressing her knowledge of what the future of rheumatology looks like including two major research projects she founded - UCAN CAN-DU and UCAN CURE.