The Summer of 2021, we were sponsored by the Wolfond Chair in digital health. Huge shout out to the inaugural Chair holder, Dr Joseph Cafazzo for sponsoring us. The Chair, one of the first of its kind in Canada, is an important step forward in acknowledging the importance of advanced applied research in the discipline of digital health and supporting a positive change in modernized healthcare delivery. We got to work with UCAN CAN-DU study, a Canada-Netherlands Network in Precision Medicine in Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease. The study aims to allow doctors and families to quickly know:

  1. who needs biologics

  2. which biologics works best for the individual child and

  3. when can the biologics be safely stopped.

Canadian and Dutch physician researchers formed this alliance -UCAN CAN-DU, aiming to completely transform the care of childhood arthritis. Together with patient and industry representatives and policy makers, they are developing the first genomics-based, low-cost biomarker blood test to rapidly identify the best treatment for each individual child. To know more about the study and the work this fantastic group of physicians are doing - Check out our conversation with Dr.Joost Swart!

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